Sarah was first exposed to the idea of “servant leadership” in high school during her time working at her local pizza joint. Her boss was always willing to get his hands dirty to help the team whenever they needed it. Covered in flour and pizza sauce, he was Sarah’s first example of what it took to be a great manager. 

After graduation from Georgia State University with a degree in Business Administration and Hospitality Administration, Sarah began her dream job with a luxury hotel brand as a concierge. It was during this time that Sarah was introduced to customer service on a completely different level. Working at this elite hotel brand was completely different than her years in the restaurant industry. It was imperative that Sarah navigate the challenging responsibilities of executing for results, following up, cross-team communication and being attentive to every single detail. Her time as a Concierge was a natural jumping off point for Sarah, and she later used the skills of communication and understanding the customer as she assisted with meetings and special events for the property.

Sarah took an interesting turn when she was presented with the opportunity to live and work abroad in Madrid, Spain. As a contributing author to an English publication, she refined her communication skills to reach audiences across cultures. In addition, she created course curriculum for major businesses including Ford, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Bassat Ogilvy and Bolsa de Madrid (Spanish Stock Market). She designed and implemented months-long programs in order to assist these organizations with their English-speaking business ventures.

Upon returning to the States, Sarah’s customer service and facilitation experience was challenged in a new way as the Manager of Employee Culture for a convenience store chain. Through launching company-wide surveys, assessing data analytics, and garnering feedback from the organization, her team was able to establish new programs aimed toward improving the employee experience and increasing employee engagement. Additionally, she was able to further develop her communication skills as the point person for all performance management discussions company-wide.

Currently, as a leader of a 300-person customer support team, Sarah has the opportunity to leverage her unconventional experience every single day in her work. She has initiated countless educational opportunities for her team, most notably a customized 10-month training program for new managers. In her current role and through Millennial Management, she is able to blend her love for serving others with her passion for elevating people to be their best.

Outside of work, Sarah is currently an MBA Candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology with a focus in strategy and business analytics. She also enjoys being active outdoors, cooking healthy meals, trying to improve her yoga practice and going to concerts.