MM News - August 2016

Hey, friend. Sarah here. Just wanted to check in and give you an update with what's been going on here at Millennial Management.

We have been super busy these days creating a framework for some exciting content! One-on-one coaching, group programs, events, and workshops - you name it, we're thinking about it. There are so many ideas floating around, and we are having a blast brainstorming all of them. 

Alongside our content creation efforts, we realized it was really important to have a bit of direction. A road trip without a map could end up in some pretty boring parts of town, am I right? We are spending a lot of time thinking about our vision for this company. What is it that we want to change in this world? What will be different about our community with Millennial Management in it? These are all questions we are asking ourselves as we create our Vision and Mission Statements. Having those down on paper will not only keep us in line as we embark on new projects, but it will also clarify for you why we are here and how we can uniquely contribute to your life.

Overall, we are busy at work for you! Most importantly though, we want our services to be impactful. So tell us what you are looking for specifically by subscribing to our newsletter! We would love to have a conversation about it with you.

Keep being rock stars,