So Now You're a Manager

First of all, congratulations! Let me be one of many to welcome you to the wonderful, exciting, challenging, surprising, and fulfilling world of management. I hope you are prepared for the unexpected twists and turns your role will take as you lead others toward common goals.

But let’s face it – if you were prepared, you wouldn’t be here.

In reality, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, and otherwise self-conscious of your abilities to lead an individual or even a team.

What if I suck at this? What if they hate me? What if I turn out to be just like <insert name of crappy boss here>?

Don’t worry – you won’t. That crappy boss probably didn’t take the time to research any aspect of management, so you’re already one step ahead. The fact that you care enough to spend your valuable time learning more about what it means to be a good manager is enough for most people. Most people would be happy with a boss who cared that much.

It will be your responsibility to develop your personal management style through extensive learning, practical application, and self-reflection. What I hope to provide for you serves as a guide which encompasses real-life experience, advice, and tools you can use to not only be a great manager but become a leader that people want to follow.